“Selling from your heels” means leaning back when you deliver your sales message. It’s qualifying your copy with a lot of:

Gee, I don’t know, if you feel like it and you have time and you’re not doing anything more important, it might be cool if you clicked here and ordered my thing. If you’re into it. Which I realize you probably aren’t.

This is why I like to sell with copy rather than in person. I can edit out all this wimpy baloney.

You have something of value to offer. You worked hard to make it great. Be proud of it. Offer it without apology.

Trust me, you could offer a pill that actually gives eternal life for one dollar, and people will despise you for “just trying to make a buck.”

The same people will get angry no matter how hard or soft your sell. And the people you really care about — the ones who will become your customers — need you to communicate clearly and without a lot of apology.

So sell the benefits, make your case, and tune out the negativity and the whiners. If someone crosses the line and gets nasty, go in and manually unsubscribe them. You don’t need that nonsense.