by Admin 25-May-2021
Join Our Facebook Group i.e Buy and Sell Online India !!!

Hello Everyone myself Onlinebazar representative loved to inform you that our store has started a new group on our Facebook i.e Buy and Sell Online India where u can buy any product and also get daily updates.

This page is not just for buying or getting updates only . This platform is very good for the seller also who wants to sell their products online without any issue. As per our admin approval you can share your post on our page. But we also have some policy while u are sharing your post i.e

1 - Post must be relevant to our page

2 - No posting which is unlawful, misleading, discriminatory or fraudulent.

3 - Post which doesn't violates someone else rights.

4 - We can remove or restrict access to content that is in violation of this provisions.

This is a good Independent group where u can explore your business and get good result . We have received a good review of some members who joined our group. Plus we have a fast approval system i.e if someone share their post in our group our admin are always active so they can do fast approval of your post and make it visible to everyone.

Good platform and fast growing platform for all kind of small and large business . So fell free and happy to join our group and explore your business in online world .

Group name : Buy and Sell Online India


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